Thessaloniki Bus Station

Thessaloniki Bus Station

Location & Ticket Offices

Thessaloniki Bus Station is located on the west side of the city (about 5 km. away from the center of Thessaloniki). It is easily accessible by car, urban bus or taxi.
The ticket offices can be found inside the station but also at the bus station’s offices in the center of Thessaloniki. The Thessaloniki bus station’s offices in the center do not issue tickets for all the counties of Greece and due to this it is best that you contact them prior to visiting their offices.

Thessaloniki Central Bus Station Info:
Address: Giannitson 244, Thessaloníki 546 28, Greece
Ticket offices Phone numbers by county in Greece

Ticket Offices Contact Info at the Center of Thessaloniki
Office Hours: Monday to Friday: 09:30 – 17:30
Address: Egnatia Str. 119, Thessaloniki
Phone: +30 2310 216000
E-mail: ekdotiriokamaras @

Connection Points

The Thessaloniki Bus Station (which is also called KTEL Macedonia) connects Thessaloniki with the rest of the mainland Greece but also with some Greek Islands. For reference Thessaloniki Bus Station connects Thessaloniki with popular destinations such as (Athens, Katerini, Volos, Xanthi, Kavala, Ioannina, Patra and many more plus islands like Crete, Corfu, Zakynthos(Zante), Lefkada etc.). Thessaloniki Bus Station also connects Greece with destinations abroad like (Albania, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Germany and Slovakia). For more details about the connection points you may see the map of destinations in Thessaloniki’s Central Bus Station website.

The bus station is configured in such way that every prefecture of Greece has its own admin offices and is located in a specific area in the bus station (which is labeled with numbers). For example the prefecture of Attica eg. that serves the route to Athens has the number 7. So a passenger who wants to travel to Athens after getting his/her ticket should search for the prefecture bus parking area with number 7.

Interior View of Thessaloniki Central Bus Station

Interior View of Thessaloniki Central Bus Station

Main Connection Points for Tourists

In front of the central bus station of Thessaloniki you will find urban buses that make routes that connect the central bus station with:

  •  Thessaloniki Train Station (the train station is also called as N.S.STATHMOS – OSE),
  • Thessaloniki airport (skg) (which is called Macedonia Airport – Aerodromio),
  • The center of Thessaloniki and also
  • The buses that reach to the Chalkidiki prefecture Bus station (which is also called KTEL Halkidiki).

Details about the numbers of urban buses you have to get to reach each destination can be found on the website of Organization of the Urban Transportation of Thessaloniki but also at the website of the Bus Station of Thessaloniki. The urban bus ticket price to the center of Thessaloniki at the moment of writing is 1€ and to the Macedonia airport is 2€.

Central Thessaloniki Bus Station: Additional Services & Facilities

Send letters and parcels throughout Greece: The service is offered by the administration offices of each county in the station. Its country is having its own admin offices and they are located where the Buses park.
Luggage Safekeeping: Thessaloniki Bus Station offers also luggage safekeeping services for short-term intervals.
Pet Transport: The transportation of pets is feasible in most of the bus routes. I suggest though that you contact the admin offices of the prefecture of Greece you want to travel to in order to ask for more information.
ATM: There is an ATM machine of the National Bank of Greece
Wifi: There is also free Wifi at the bus station area.
Ferry Boat tickets offices: For passengers who want to buy ferry tickets from Blue Star Ferries, K / O Anek – Superfast, Sea Jets, Superfast Ferries, Anek Lines, Ionian Ferries, Minoan Lines, Hellenic Seaways, Aegean Speed Lines, Nel Lines and Anes Ferries there are offices within the station. For more information you may call at the phone : +30 2310 595499.

From Thessaloniki Bus Station to Thessaloniki Airport

If you reach the Bus Station Macedonia and you want to travel to Thessaloniki’s airport you may catch in front of the bus station one of the following urban buses 78, 78A, 78N. The trip time to the airport varies depending on the time of the day you wish to travel but for sure you have to estimate that it will last no less than 60 minutes.

From Thessaloniki Bus Station to Halkidiki Bus Station

The prefecture of Halkidiki is the only prefecture of Greece which has a bus station in Thessaloniki but this is not housed in the Central Bus Station of Thessaloniki (KTEL Macedonia). The reason is that in the summer its services multiply so much (because Halkidiki is a popular tourist destination with beautiful beaches) and due to this it cannot be housed in the same building. If you reach at the KTEL Macedonia and want to go to the Halkidiki bus station (KTEL Halkidiki) you can take the buses with the numbers 45, 45A, 45B which will bring you to the Chalkidiki KTEL.

Find more information about bus routes of the KTEL Chalkidiki. KTEL Halkidiki contact info.

From Thessaloniki Bus Station to the City Center

If you reach Thessaloniki central bus station and you want to go to the city center you may either catch a taxi or an urban bus. The buses that go to the center of the city are the 8, 12, 31, 45(final stop Halkidiki bus station) and 78 (final stop Thessaloniki airport). You may see detailed information (including all the bus stops and timetable) about each of these routes in the website of the Organization of the urban transportation of Thessaloniki.

Parking Facilities

In the KTEL Macedonia there are two parking areas (one outdoor and one underground). If you travel to the bus station by car in order to park and then travel by bus these two parking facilities will assist you. Both are controlled by cameras both during the entry and exit to the parking spaces. You may check here for more information about the parking services and also their rates.


Taxis in front of Thessaloniki Bus Station

Taxis in front of Thessaloniki Bus Station

If you reach the KTEL Macedonia and you need to get a taxi to reach your destination it will be easy. There is a taxi stop in front of the station. In case you cannot find any you may also contact some of Thessaloniki’s taxi companies.