Thessaloniki Train Station

Thessaloniki Train Station

Thessaloniki train station is located on the west side of the city (about 2.8 km. away from Plateia Aristotelous -Aristotelous square – which is located in the center of Thessaloniki). It is easily accessible by car, urban bus or taxi or even walking. To give you an indication of the time needed to cross the distance from the train station to Aristotelous square (without traffic) you may check below:

– By car and taxi the time needed is 10 minutes approximately.
– By bus the time needed is 19 minutes approximately
– On foot the time needed is 25 minutes approximately

If you wish to travel, using a public transport, from Thessaloniki train station to Thessaloniki central bus station (coach station) or Thessaloniki airport (SKG) it is very simple. The Organization of Urban Transportation of Thessaloniki (Oasth) is having its main bus station in front of the train station. Using its buses you can easily travel to both destinations. You may find additional information about the buses timetable and ticket prices in their website. In addition to public transport, taxis are also available in front of the Thessaloniki train station 24hours per day.

The train tickets can be bought from inside the train station but you may buy them also online and in some cases get advantage of slightly lower rates that are valid for booking your tickets online. Check here if you would like to view the train routes in Greece, the prices and buy your ticket online.

The Greek train services offer every month around 30,000 seats in discounted prices of 9, 19, 29 and 39€. These seats become available randomly throughout the month, so as to avoid immediate consumption upon allocation. You can buy your ticket online only maximum 24hours prior to the departure of the train.

Thessaloniki Train Station: Contact Info

Address: Sidirodromikos Stathmos Thessalonikis, Thessaloniki 546 29, Greece
Website: Greek trains website

Railroad Map of Greece

Railroad Map of Greece

Connection Points

The Thessaloniki Train Station connects Thessaloniki with the rest of the mainland Greece but also connect Greece with some other countries in the Balkans. Traveling by train from Thessaloniki, a passenger can reach the east part of Greece (up until Alexandroupoli) but also the south part of Greece (Athens). Some of the most famous destinations in Greece from Thessaloniki train station are:

South Greece

Thessaloniki to Athens: Athens is the capital of Greece. By train it is 4:40-5:50 hours distance by Thessaloniki. The normal train passes from various prefectures of Greece and make stops in many places. There is a faster train (Intercity) that make this trip shorter by stopping in less stations.
Thessaloniki to Volos: Volos is a very beautiful Greek city, by the sea, which tourists visit in order to spend their holidays (it combines both sea and mountain). Volos, though is also a very popular destination for those who want to visit the Sporades Islands (Skiathos, Skopelos, Alonnisos etc).The Island of Skiathos is also a very popular destination for charter flights in the summer period as the Island is considered to be the second Mykonos of Greece) and it has its own airport.
Thessaloniki to Katerini, Skotina, Platamona, Neoi Poroi etc.: These destinations (very close to each other) are chosen especially in the summer months as the prefecture of Katerini is very popular for its beaches and the relatively low cost accommodation in comparison with the prefecture of Halkidiki or most of the Greek islands.

East Greece

Thessaloniki to Serres: The history of Serres goes back to 5th cent. B.C. Serres has several tourist attractions.
Thessaloniki to Drama: Drama’s history also dates back to the end of the 4rth century B.C.
Thessaloniki to Xanthi: The city of Xanthi dates back to the 1st cent. B.C. It is a very beautiful city with an old city inside it that has unique architecture that is influenced also by the Ottoman period of Thrace.

Connections to the rest of Europe

Thessaloniki train station connects Thessaloniki but also Greece with the rest of the Europe by offering train routes to Bulgaria, Serbia and Fyrom. From the capitals of each of these countries (Sofia, Belgrade, Skopje respectively) the travelers can continue their journeys also to the rest of Europe by switching to a second train. There are several train operators that offer train tickets for european destinations like eurail for non eu citizens and interail for eu citizens. A very interesting option is also the Balkan Flexipass by

Touristic Routes in Greece by Train

Touristic Routes in Greece by Train