About Thessaloniki: A city with a remarkable history and beautiful present

About Thessaloniki: A city with a remarkable history and beautiful present

About Thessaloniki… hmm what can someone say in brief?

Thessaloniki, is a popular destination for tourists around the world. You may here people calling it also:

  • Thessalonique
  • Salonik
  • Saloniki
  • Selanik
  • Salonica
  • Solun

Thessaloniki is the second biggest city in Greece. A city full of young people (Europe’s 2014 Youth Capital), with many cultural treasures related with is more than 2300 year history. Famous also for its delicious cuisine, its hundreds of entertainment options all day and night long. Two of the biggest Universities in Greece are located in the city’s center (Aristotelio University and Macedonian) and Greece’s biggest Technical school is located only a few Km away from the city.

The people who visit Thessaloniki get a feeling that the city never sleeps… except from the summer period (especially the 2nd and 3rd week of August) when Thessalonians choose to visit the nearby beaches and the Greek Islands. A lot of neighborhoods in the city also give the impression of traveling back in time. It is a city which is keeping many ‘flavors’ from its past in combination with fashionable and artistic influences from its present. A city that make everyone feel romantic.

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