About Thessaloniki: Photo from Thermaikos Gulf

About Thessaloniki: Thermaikos Gulf at Thessaloniki Greece

So, what is it about Thessaloniki Greece? Probably not so many people know this city but believe me if you are planning to visit the South East part of Europe sometime in your life then for sure you have to plan to visit this city.

I hope this article becomes your Thessaloniki bible article and to give you a snapshot of everything that is of interest about this city. I will thus slightly write on a different way than I usually do. I will try to give you some information about this city answering some of the most frequent google search queries about Thessaloniki Greece and lead you to other pages in this website to get additional info for each query if you please. So let’s start:

About Thessaloniki Greece

Thessaloniki is the second biggest city in Greece full of life, history, beautiful scenery etc…
about Thessaloniki Greece..

Thessaloniki Location

Thessaloniki is located in the north part of Greece.

Thessaloniki Greece Maps

Here you may find some useful Thessaloniki Greece Maps

Weather Thessaloniki Greece

For those of you who are thinking what is the weather in Thessaloniki in order to prepare the suitcase check this link. It has all the information you will need. Weather Thessaloniki Greece

Thessaloniki Greece History

Interested about the history of this city? Thessaloniki is a city that has a reach history of more than 2300 years!! As it is expected many changes took place during all this time. Learn more about it here.. Thessaloniki Greece History

Thessaloniki Greece Beaches

This is a tricky question. Thessaloniki in deed has sea (the Thermaikos Gulf) but it is not a sea that you would actually want to swim inside as it is not sooo clean. There are places close to Thessaloniki that you can do this. In fact there is a boat you can take in the summer from thessaloniki ‘ thessaloniki waterways
and reach them. These beaches are the closest to Thessaloniki. If you have the opportunity to go more far away, you will find very beautiful beaches in Halkidiki and Pieria region. If you will not have a car, you can go to Halkidiki by bus also and to Pieria by bus and by train.

Thessaloniki Greece Tourism

Most of the tourists who visit Thessaloniki come from the region of the Balkans (i.e Serbia, Bulgaria, FYROM, Albania) and it is logical as these countries are closer to the north part of Greece. Tourists from Russia and Turkey are also visiting Thessaloniki a lot and as the city is becoming more and more famous people tourists from all over the world start entering it inside their holiday plans when planning to visit Greece. You may read in the following link why people choose to add the city of Thessaloniki in their holiday plans.. Thessaloniki as holiday destination

Thessaloniki Greece Hostels

If you are interested in finding our about hostel solutions in Thessaloniki the following article will help you to make up your mind. Hostels Thessaloniki. In this article you will get an idea from the hostel options you can have in the city, their location and the facilities they provide.

Thessaloniki Greece Hotels

I am sorry but I still haven’t find the time to write about this… Before you make up your mind though about the actual hotel, I have prepared an article that talks about the different areas inside Thessaloniki and what you can expect if you decide to rent a hotel in every one of them. As regards actual booking a hotel at the moment I can only suggest you the booking.com option. Most of the hotels in Thessaloniki are listed in booking.com and you will get a lot of feedback from the user comments.