Moni Lazariston Festival Summer 2022
Check out the events that have been organized by Moni Lazariston this summer in Thessaloniki!
Brief information about Moni Lazariston
Moni Lazariston is a Non – Profit Organization running under the auspices of Hellenic Ministry of Culture.
It was founded in 1998 and is responsible for the maintenance and the administration of the whole complex.
Its complex accommodates five of the most significant cultural organizations of Thessaloniki : the National Theatre of Northern Greece, the State Museum of Contemporary Art, the Thessaloniki State Symphony Orchestra, the Cultural Centre of Thessaloniki and the Drama school of the National Theatre of Northern Greece.
The Municipality of Stavroupoli Stavroupoli and the Prefecture of Thessaloniki also set out in the area.
Except for the events held by these organizations throughout the year, the Non-Profit Organization of Moni Lazariston organizes the Festival of Moni Lazariston in the open-air spaces of the complex during summer.
Moni Lazariston today offers a rich and multicultural program of entertainment while strengthening the metropolitan character as well as the Balkan and European identity of Thessaloniki .