Greek Fish Dishes

Mackerel | Skoubri

Mackerel | Skoubri: Greek Fish Dishes The mackerel (named as Skoubri in greek) is a fish that is served as a meze (appetizer) for ouzo. For those however who do not drink ouzo this is not an obstacle (take example myself). This delicacy is quite salty and due to this it creates a [...]

European Hake | Bakaliaros

European Hake | Bakaliaros: Favourite Greek Fish Dishes If you visit Thessaloniki and pass from the famous area called Ladadika, very close to the port of Thessaloniki, you will be able to try a uniquely cooked European Hake (in greek called Bakaliaros). The dishes' first appearance will remind you of the British fish [...]

Common Seabream | Fagri

Common Seabream | Fagri: Greek Cuisine Fish Dishes The common bream (in greek named as fagri) is a classy fish that draws the people's impressions because of its rosé color. It somehow relative with the seabream (similar in shape and size) yet the taste of the fish is less pronounced. Admittedly it is [...]

Picarel | Marida

Picarel | Marida Delicious Greek Fish Dish Ever wondered how a crunchy fish tastes? If you try the picarel (in Greek called Marida) you will understand. The fried picarel could substitute your chips hunger. Depending on its size (it is usually served very small) the picarel can be eaten and is eaten by [...]

Gilthead Seabream | Tsipoura

Gilthead Seabream | Tsipoura: Popular Fish Dish in Greece Undoubtedly the Gilthead Seabream (in greek Tsipoura) is one of my favorite fish. For many years I was not so enthusiastic about eating fish but when I tried this fish grilled I change my eating habits. You will find it in all the Greek [...]

Sardines | Sardeles

Popular Fish Dish in Greece: Sardines The sardines (sardeles in the greek language) are an excellent source of high quality protein because they offer valuable fatty acids omega-3 and an abundance of vitamins and minerals. Moreover, they reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases and blood pressure. The World of Health Organization recommends weekly [...]

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