Greek Grilled Meat Dishes


Kokoretsi The 'kokoretsi' is a tasty mezes which Greek have a custom to eat during Easter. You will be able though to find this dish in grill shops in which the main menu is meat on the spit. For the Greeks the meat on the spit has a long tradition and in such [...]

Greek gyros

Greek gyros The gyros is a Greek-type fast-food meal that is usually made from pork or chicken. The meat is cut into thin and wide slices which are passed through a metal spit and then baked in vertical grill while the metal spit turns around automatically. The Greek gyros is getting ready gradually [...]

Greek Souvlaki

Souvlakia The souvlaki is a Greek delicacy whose reputation has traveled around the world. Made from pork or chicken meat is cut into cubes and passed through in a thin wooden stick. The meat is previously marinated in a mixture of white wine, extra virgin olive oil, onion slices, oregano, theme, rosemary and [...]

Greek Meatballs | Keftedakia

Meatballs | Keftedakia When I think of this food simultaneously I think of trips. That's because this dish is a must for excursions and picnic. The Greek meatballs are made from pork mixed with beef mince and several other ingredients like egg, stale bread, extra virgin olive oil, parsley, dill, crushed onion (using [...]

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