Starters Greek Mezes

Olives & Olives Pasta

Olive Oils Greece is famous for the quality and taste of its olives and of course its olive oil. In Greece currently 115,000 tons of olives are produced annually. The varieties which are grown are several. This is influenced by the climatic conditions that exist per region in Greece. When you visit Greece [...]


Bougiourdi Starter The Bougiourdi is a unique delicacy for those who love cheese. Made in the oven by means of a small ceramic pan. The main ingredients are feta cheese, yellow hard cheese, green pepper and spicy green pepper, tomato, oregano and olive oil. The feta cheese comes first in ceramic pot and [...]

Florina Peppers

Red Peppers | Florinis The Florina peppers is a nice and cool taste appetizer that escorts numerous Greek dishes and you will be able to find it in almost all the Greek restaurants. The preparation process is very simple. Prerequisites are, a special variety of oblong red peppers which are known in Greece [...]

Spicy Cheese | Tyrokafteri

Spicy Cheese | Tyrokafteri The spicy cheese | tyrokafteri is an appetizer that accompany meats but also seafood and is very nice appetizer for ouzo. Made from the Greek feta cheese, which is slurred several times with a fork and small pieces of chilli green peppers previously cooked on the grill. Of course [...]

Oyster Mushrooms | Plevrotous

Oyster mushrooms with olive oil and lemon juice Oyster mushrooms (in Greek called Plevrotous) are a favorite delicacy for the Greeks. It is a relatively new snack that entered in their eating habits during the last a decade, simultaneously basically with the time this mushroom variety started to be produced in the Greek [...]

Garlic Sauce | Skordalia

Garlic Sauce | Skordalia The garlic sauce (in greek called skordalia) is an appetizer that mainly escorts some types of fish and seafood and also some vegetables such as beets and zucchini. The preparation is very simple and you can find it in three different variations. The main natural ingredient in all three [...]

Fried Courgettes

Fried Courgettes One of the favorite appetizers (or otherwise mezes) for the Greeks is the fried courgettes. The fried courgettes are consumed all year round culminating mostly during the summer period since during this season it is mostly available and produced in Greece outside from the greenhouses. The delicacy is basically zucchini cut [...]


Tzatziki The tzatziki is a very popular Greek appetizer which usually accompany the Greek dishes during the summer months, especially when in the launch or dinner seafood is included. The recipe is very simple and contains yogurt (Greek type - slightly astringent), small pieces of cucumber, garlic, salt and vinegar. Sometimes it also [...]

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