Typical Greek Restaurants and Mezedes


Omikron Restaurant Omikron restaurant is located inside Ladadika area and very close to Thessaloniki's port. It is a very small restaurant but this does not stop it from being really coveted by the Thessalonians. Men and women who really like good food visit omikron restaurant and enjoy the fresh made dishes and the [...]

Ouzeri Aristotelous

Ouzeri Aristotelous Restaurant Ouzeri Aristotelous is a perfect choice!! Am I biased ?? Maybe... But I really like this place both because it is located in Aristotelous square in a wonderful hidden yard and because I love it whenever I check their menu of the day choices. The restaurant is not really a [...]

Orexi na chis

Orexi na chis restaurant Orexi na chis, is a typical Greek restaurant. Its name means 'I hope you have appetite' and there is a reason for it!! It serves amazing meat and fish dishes and it is very popular for its grilled meat choices and the marvelous greek mezedes!! The restaurant is located [...]

Kouki kai Revithi

Kouki kai Revithi The 'Kouki kai Revithi' restaurant in English has the meaning 'The Bean and Chickpea'. It is a typical Greek tavern restaurant that serves both meat and fish dishes, various mezedes and seasonal salads since 2003 and it is known for its good quality food and tasty dishes as well as [...]

Taverna stin plateia skra

Tavern at Skra Square The Taverna stin plateia Skra, which means tavern in Skra square, is a famous tavern located at the east side of Thessaloniki (Nea Krini). It is a genuine Greek tavern that serves every day a variety of delicious grilled meat. Here you can eat grilled steak kebab and gyros [...]

Kimolia Barbeque

Kimolia Barbeque Restaurant If you would like to discover some areas which are busy but not famous to tourists in Greece visiting Kimolia Barbeque restaurant will be an opportunity. Kimolia Barbeque restaurant is located in the west side of Thessaloniki in an area called Evosmos. This is the most busy area in the [...]

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