Sailing Tour Thessaloniki

Sailing Tours Thessaloniki Sailing Thessaloniki Discover Thessaloniki from the Sea with a Sailing Tour! A four-hour city-tour cruise in Thessaloniki Bay with departure from the Marina of Thessaloniki and arrival back to it. Do you want to live an unforgettable trip? Join them for a private, memorable and breathtaking experience in the [...]

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Karavakia Waterbus Tour

Karavakia Waterbus Thessaloniki The Karavakia waterbus tour former known as Waterways Boats the latest service that has been added at Thessaloniki's tourism agenda in order to serve both tourists but also locals. The Karavakia boat tour started to operate in the mid of May 2014. In total three small boats are used to make trips [...]

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Oasth Cultural Route

Oasth Cultural Route Oasth, is the Organization of Urban Transportation of Thessaloniki. As such, Oasth is providing Thessaloniki's intercity bus services. One of the routes it serves is directed to tourists who visit Thessaloniki. The route was launched in September 2009 and is named "Cultural Route" using the bus line No50. The cultural [...]

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Horse Drawn Carriage

Horse Drawn Carriage A horse drawn carriage is another popular tour option that is offered in Thessaloniki. The tour operators part outside from Thessaloniki's White Tower mainly on the summer season. The route that they follow is mainly by the sea and the view is fantastic especially if you happen to take this [...]

Cycling Tours

Thessbike Tour During the recent years, Thessaloniki is trying to develop a more healthy and green way of living. In doing so, it has created several cycling roads mainly in the center of the city and the area by the sea. In addition to this, in many locations close to the cycling roads [...]

Boat Tours

Thessaloniki Boat Tours Tourist boats, can be found in front of the White Tower of Thessaloniki. As until today there are three different boats which travel inside Thermaikos Gulf and each of them offers to its passengers a boat tours in different theme (either as regards its decoration but also its music). The [...]

Union of Guides

Thessaloniki Guides Union For the travelers who visit Thessaloniki and would like to get more detailed information about the city's history, monuments, life etc plus would like to be guided to Greek attractions beyond Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki Union of Guides is a very good option. The Union of Guides, Thessaloniki (U.G.T.) was founded in [...]

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Heritage Walks

Thessaloniki Heritage Walks For the traveler who likes walking and discovering new cultures by him/herself this is a very interesting proposal. Thessaloniki's Historical Center and the Annex Thessaloniki Greek Society for Environment and Culture, have published a book that contains different walking tour suggestions in order for visitors to come in contact with [...]

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Eat and Walk

Eat and Walk Tour Greek food is very popular for its taste and quality and Thessaloniki is a city that has many things to offer to a visitor who loves food. Eat and Walk Tour, has to offer a very interesting experience for the food lovers. It combines taste and pleasure, meeting knew [...]

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