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Heritage Walks

Thessaloniki Heritage Walks For the traveler who likes walking and discovering new cultures by him/herself this is a very interesting proposal. Thessaloniki's Historical Center and the Annex Thessaloniki Greek Society for Environment and Culture, have published a book that contains different walking tour suggestions in order for visitors to come in contact with [...]

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Eat and Walk

Eat and Walk Tour Greek food is very popular for its taste and quality and Thessaloniki is a city that has many things to offer to a visitor who loves food. Eat and Walk Tour, has to offer a very interesting experience for the food lovers. It combines taste and pleasure, meeting knew [...]

After Sunset Walk

After Sunset Walk Thessaloniki, is a city with a fantastic sunset and a very busy nightlife. The view from places close to the sea and from the castle is fantastic. The colors of the sunset change minute by minute and are unforgettable to any traveler who will see them. After the sunset it [...]

History Walks

Historic Walking Tour There are various history guided walks for Thessaloniki. Walks that present Thessaloniki's history through its monuments, old squares, Roman and Ottoman age historic monuments and buildings. The history walks are a 'must do' for visitors who love history and would like to get a feeling of the cultural influences that [...]

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