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Karidi Beach Halkidiki

Karidi Beach Halkidiki Karidi Beach is one of my favourite beaches in Halkidiki (Sithonia part). It is known for its light blue color of the sea and the beautiful beach. The beach is divided into two parts. One bay has fine white sand and the other has rocks. So,it is appropriate for those [...]

From Thessaloniki to Halkidiki for Camping

Tent in camping Sunny Bay Halkidiki But let me not monopolize your interest only for Thessaloniki. Most of the tourists coming to Thessaloniki in the summer combine their trip with a seaside place to make their summer holidays. We are approaching the end of May and I think many of you make plans [...]

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Nightlife Top 10

Thessaloniki Aristotelous Square by Night Before reading the Thessaloniki nightlife top 10 proposals, I suggest you first to read the article I wrote about the nightlife in Thessaloniki. This way the remarks I make here will make more sense. Thus, let's assume that you have already read the article about Thessaloniki's nightlife. In [...]

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Half Night Marathon

Thessaloniki Half Night Marathon Thessaloniki's Half Night Marathon is taking place annually every October since 2012. It is a night marathon that was created due to the increasing demand in this sport which was obvious from the big interest that was shown in participating in the Great Alexander Marathon. The half marathon covers [...]

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International Sailing Regatta

International Sailing Regatta Greece is surrounded by the Mediterranean sea and the love the Greeks have for the sea is unquestionable. The city of Thessaloniki is in front of Thermaikos Bay and due to this the sea is an integral part of the people's life. In such a city a nautical club could [...]

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Great Alexander Marathon

International Great Alexander Marathon View The Great Alexander Marathon, takes place every April since 2006 in Thessaloniki. It is the first marathon event that was organized in the city. Based on the history, the name 'marathon' takes its name from an event that took place in 490B.C. when the soldier Phedippides (who was [...]

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Oasth Cultural Route

Oasth Cultural Route Oasth, is the Organization of Urban Transportation of Thessaloniki. As such, Oasth is providing Thessaloniki's intercity bus services. One of the routes it serves is directed to tourists who visit Thessaloniki. The route was launched in September 2009 and is named "Cultural Route" using the bus line No50. The cultural [...]

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