Cultural and Art Stops

Oasth Cultural Route

Oasth Cultural Route Oasth, is the Organization of Urban Transportation of Thessaloniki. As such, Oasth is providing Thessaloniki's intercity bus services. One of the routes it serves is directed to tourists who visit Thessaloniki. The route was launched in September 2009 and is named "Cultural Route" using the bus line No50. The cultural [...]

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History Walks

Historic Walking Tour There are various history guided walks for Thessaloniki. Walks that present Thessaloniki's history through its monuments, old squares, Roman and Ottoman age historic monuments and buildings. The history walks are a 'must do' for visitors who love history and would like to get a feeling of the cultural influences that [...]

Galerius Arch | Kamara

Galerius Arch Thessaloniki - Kamara Galerius Arch, was build in Thessaloniki just before the 305AD as a memory of the victorious wars of Galerius against the Persians. It is located in the eastern part of the historic city of Thessaloniki, and was part of a serious of buildings close to the ancient racecourse [...]

Navarinou Thessaloniki

Navarinou Thessaloniki Navarinou, is always full of life. It is located bellow Galerious Arch and Rotunda and reaches almost until the coast. In this area (see point 11 on the below map) the traveler can view one of Thessaloniki's oldest historic treasures dated back to the Roman times, debris from the Galarius Palace. [...]

Governor’s Square

Governors Square Thessaloniki The Governor's square is located in front of the Ministry of Macedonia and Thrace at the centre of Thessaloniki. The Ministry of Macedonia and Thrace used to be the Governor's building during the late Ottoman period of Thessaloniki and this is how the Square got its name. Nowadays, the Governor's [...]

Rotunda Thessaloniki

Rotunda Thessaloniki Rotunda, and the Arch of Galerius are two of the most popular monuments of Thessaloniki. Rotunda, was build during Roman times (approx. 306-308AD). Other say it was build to serve аs a temple for the Olympic god Jupiter or for Cabiri and other say that it was build to become the [...]

Acheiropoietos Church

Acheiropoietos Church Thessaloniki Acheiropoietos church, (or else great church of Virgin Mary) dates back to the 5th century (around 431AD) and it is one of the oldest temples of Easter Christianity that has remained a temple through all the years of its existence. As such it is included in Thessaloniki's Unesco World heritage. [...]

Saint Demetrios Church

Saint Demetrios Church Thessaloniki Saint Demetrios church, is situated on Agiou Dimitriou street in the centre of Thessaloniki close to the Roman Agora. According to various sources, approximately between 303-306AD, a very small private chapel was first built in the position that Saint Demetrios is located today, by the Christians of Thessaloniki in [...]

Latomou Monastery | Osios David

Thessaloniki Unesco Church | Latomou Monastery | Osios David Latomou Monastery - Osios David, is a located at the old city of Thessaloniki, very close to the area were Agias Sofias street ends as we walk to reach, at the north of the city, its old town. It is a very small but [...]

Church of Christ Saviour

Thessaloniki Unesco Church of Christ Saviour The Church of Christ Saviour, is located very close to Galerius Arch and Rotunda and it is a monument that was originally built to honor the Virgin Mary. The church was built in the mid 14th century (approx. 1350). The monument was probably a funerary monument as [...]

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