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Cycling Tours

Thessbike Tour During the recent years, Thessaloniki is trying to develop a more healthy and green way of living. In doing so, it has created several cycling roads mainly in the center of the city and the area by the sea. In addition to this, in many locations close to the cycling roads [...]

Thessaloniki Zoo

Thessaloniki Zoo Thessaloniki Zoo, is located in the north part of Thessaloniki, in an area of 58 acres which is called Kedrinos Lofos close to Thessaloniki's old town and castle. The zoo operates since 1987 and hosts mainly small animals and birds which are a small sample of the animal and bird species [...]

New Promenade | Nea Paralia

Nea Paralia Thessaloniki The New Promenade | Nea paralia, is located between the White Tower and Thessaloniki's concert Hall. It is an area that was recently recasted (its latest part was delivered to the public in December 2013) and is divided in many different themed parks. Benches, trees, bicycle lanes, pedestrian roads, tennis, [...]

Insectopia Exhibition

Thessaloniki Insectopia Exhibition Insectopia Exhibition is very interesting for travelers who are interested in educational exhibitions related with biology and nature. Insectopia, hosts one of the largest and more replete ant colonies. Its visitors can see a big variety of different kinds of ants (more than 1000 and a very special one that [...]

Thessaloniki Cinema Museum

Thessaloniki Cinema Museum Thessaloniki's Cinema Museum is located at the Dock1 of Thessaloniki's port in the Warehouse A. The museum is also participating in Thessaloniki's film festival. It was founded in 1995 following a decision by the Organization for Thessaloniki Cultural Capital of Europe 1997. The museum's mission is to present the Greek [...]

Radio Museum

Thessaloniki Radio Museum Thessaloniki's radio museum is located inside the Thessaloniki International Fair (Helexpo). It runs since December 2000 under a private initiative mainly of retired ex employees of Thessaloniki's Macedonian radio station that used to operate inside the Fair. Its purpose is to preserve old technologies and any type of exhibits that [...]

Thessaloniki Trains Museum

Thessaloniki Train Museum Thessaloniki trains museum, is located at the West part of Thessaloniki in the boarders of the Kordelio and Evosmos region. It operates since June 2001 under Greece's train services organization in a historical buidling which was build at the end of the 19th century (1891-1894) during the Ottoman period.  The [...]

Noesis Technological Museum

Thessaloniki Noesis Technological Museum Noesis Technological Museum, is a science center and a technology museum which is located in the east part of Thessaloniki in a 15000sqm area at the greater Thermi area. The main aim of the Center is to promote the Technology Culture and developments by informing the public through training sessions [...]

Thessaloniki Water Supply Museum

Thessaloniki Water Supply Museum Thessaloniki water supply museum runs by the Water and Sewer company of Thessaloniki . It is located in the west part of Thessaloniki in a historic building block which was built at the end of 19th century (1890-94) by the Ottoman Water Company (Compagnie Ottomane Des Eaux de Salonique) [...]

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