Top 5 Museums

Thessaloniki Archaeological Museum

Thessaloniki Archaeological Museum Thessaloniki Archaeological Museum is located close to the building of YMCA and in the same building block with the Museum of Byzantine Culture. It is a listed building as a unique example of modernist art in Greece. The Museum’s collections include distinctive works of art and excavation finds from across [...]

Museum of Byzantine Culture

Thessaloniki Museum of Byzantine Culture The Museum of Byzantine Culture was officially founded in 1994 and it is located almost opposite the South Entrance of Thessaloniki's Exhibition Fair (Helexpo). It runs as an independent regional unit of The Ministry of Culture since 1997. The idea for its generation comes from 1913, a year after when [...]

Saint Demitrios Crypt

Thessaloniki Saint Dimitrios Crypt Saint Demtrios Crypt, is located inside the church of Saint Demetrios above the Roman market. The crypt used to be the Roman Baths at which the thaumaturge patron prostate of Thessaloniki Saint Demetrios was imprisoned and later on (in 306AC) found a martyric death. In 380 AC when Theodosios [...]

White Tower Museum

Thessaloniki White Tower Museum The White Tower historic building and monument is housing its own museum. The White Tower was build during the Ottoman years (approx. around 1430) and substituted an old Byzantine Tower that was in its position in order to fortify the city's harbor. The building takes the form of a [...]

Macedonian Museum of Modern Art

Macedonian Museum of Modern Art The Macedonian Museum of Modern Art is located inside Thessaloniki's exhibition center (Helexpo) close to its South entrance. The museum emerged as a thought, following the a major earthquake that happened in Thessaloniki in 1978 which at its passage damaged various archeological and historical monuments. In 1978 the [...]

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