Best Restaurants in Thessaloniki

Best Restaurants in Thessaloniki

The best restaurants in Thessaloniki … It is very difficult to write about the best restaurants in Thessaloniki. This is due to many reasons such as:

– There are many restaurants that are very good
– Constantly new restaurants are opening
– I have not visited all restaurants
– The question of taste is something relative

But I will try to do it for those of you who would like to consult with a person who has more experience in the city. In order not to be too partisan and to encapsulate many of the good restaurants in Thessaloniki, I thought to divide my proposals per food category (because many restaurants may include a big variety of food in their menus but they might be extremely notable in certain food categories). I have also consulted several friends who are food lovers and have visited many restaurants in Thessaloniki. Thus, I hope the proposals I will make in this section cover a majority of opinions and taste and are not biased on my taste.

You may read about them in more details after following the below links that include proposals for the 5 best dining options in the city of Thessaloniki per food category as shown below:

• Fish restaurants and taverns
• Meat restaurants
• Gyros, Souvlaki, Tzatziki
• Greek cuisine
• Bistro Restaurants
• Gourmet restaurants
• Ethnic restaurants
• Pizza and pasta
• Coffee and Drinks
• Sweets & Ice Cream

However, I believe that whatever your final choice will be, the impressions that you will form after visiting the cuisines of the restaurants in Thessaloniki, will certainly be very good because generally speaking the food in the city of Thessaloniki is very good quality. Do I sound biased already??? 🙂