For those of you who would like to visit Thessaloniki and will not have time to thoroughly look for the touristic attractions worth visiting but also want someone who is local to give you information for some of the top proposals this part of the website will be very helpful.

Here you can find Thessaloniki’s top touristic proposals based on my own assessment, categorized by type of interest. Besides for a city like Thessaloniki which has such a long history that started in 316 BC and continues to this day it is difficult to make just one list with general top proposals. It would just not be adequate as it could easily be considered biased.

Thus, below you will see my list with the top proposals divided mainly in groups of interest. You may click on their headings to follow the links and read about the nominated best attractions for each category.

One Day Visit

This proposal is for those who will pass from Thessaloniki and will have only one day to see the city. With this list I am trying to give a representative glimpse of the city but it is not an easy thing to do. I have included in the list the most distinctive parts of the city.

To make your life easier, you may even follow this route: Start in the morning (09:30) with a walk on the promenade of Thessaloniki and make a short stop for coffee at Aristotelous Square. Then walk towards the Roman market to visit its museum. After the Roman Market you can walk to the Arch of Galerius and visit the Rotunda as well as the Palace of Galerius in the region where Navarinou area is. There you can eat lunch in one of the taverns of Navarino square. After the lunch you can continue walking to the Nea Paralia area and enjoy the beautiful views of the Thermaikos Gulf, sit on a bunch or lie on the grass and to get a nap (especially if it is summer). On the way back you can go up on one of the tourist boats and have a drink, coffee, juice or whatever you like. For dinner can visit Laladika area and then go to Valaoritou for a drink. Before falling asleep I would suggest you grab a taxi and visit the castles of Thessaloniki to see the magnificent view of the city at night to get a feeling of how its history is connecting with its present.

Three Day Visit

For those who come to Thessaloniki for a weekend this list will be very useful. It includes suggestions for walks, attractions, tours, museums, eating and nightlife entertainment in the city.

Active Traveler

For those who are more active and would like to visit the city but not neglect their fitness schedule, this list could be interesting. You will find in this list the top proposals I recommend which can be usual tourist activities but also participation in events and festivals that take place in Thessaloniki during the year. If you would like to join these evens and they match with your holiday plans you will sure burn a lot of calories 🙂

Beyond Thessaloniki

At this point I list top proposals for tourist attractions that you can visit outside Thessaloniki. There are many such places to visit outside Thessaloniki and certainly if you visit the city for over three days it worth selecting a few of them. The top proposals listed here will impress you for different reasons (eg Sea, Archaeological Sites, Hiking, Canoe Kayak, Traditional settlements and etc.

By The Sea

If you like to visit areas that are close to the sea, or have wonderful view of the sea, this top proposals list is for you. The list contains areas in the city of Thessaloniki that have beautiful view of Thermaikos Gulf. Unfortunately Thermaikos gulf nowadays is polluted and you will not be able to swim in it like people used to do five decades ago. Thessalonians during that years could enjoy the sea of Thessaloniki and those who have memories still recount how they used to play at the beach as children in the area that is now known as the Nea Paralia (New Promenade) of Thessaloniki.

Cultural and Art Stops

Thessaloniki is having been honored with the award for Europe’s cultural capital in 1997. Since then it has managed to develop very piece association with culture and arts and nowadays is hosting many cultural sites and halls which allow it to give emphasis and to revive its history and at the same time to connect the past with the cultural and artistic wave of our days. For lovers of culture and art Thessaloniki can be a magnificent destination and the top proposals listed in this section will be a very useful guide.

Family Time

For those who come to Thessaloniki with their families and their young children there is also a list I tried to make with top proposals. Includes mainly attractions with educational character that might be interesting for younger tourists and their parents.

Food Lovers

Thessaloniki and good food are parallel terms for me. So, for those who love to try new flavors and tasty dishes this list contains very interesting points of the city. I suggest alongside with this article you also read the articles about food and drink in Thessaloniki that I have written. This way you will have an overall view of the dining options, restaurants and dishes you should not miss in the city of Thessaloniki.

Romantic Thessaloniki

This top proposal list is for those who will visit the city of Thessaloniki with their partners. Those who are or want to feel in love. The list contains sites in the city that can make you fall in love. The places are having a romantic flavor. For me personally Thessaloniki has a romantic air by itself. The city’s physiognomy can make you travel to another dimension and a very different life style than what the modern cities around the world have to offer. I would say that for Thessaloniki’s size it is admirable how as a city it has managed to be so full of life and then again so simple and so human. I might sound biased.. I do not know. But, this is how it happens when you really love your city! And for me Thessaloniki is full with places and habits to love. Much more than the opposite.

Shopping Therapy

How can it be possible for someone to pass by the Thessaloniki’s core center and not be tempted to shop! The center of Thessaloniki is flooded with stores that sell everything you can imagine and you could possible need, branded and non-branded products. This is why I would like to share with you the areas of the city that are popular for shopping and not necessarily the shops that are famous in the city. Anyway, shopping as well as many other things is a matter of taste and I believe it is better to describe the areas in Thessaloniki that are popular depending on the type of shopping you would wish to make.

Top 5 Museums

Creating this top proposal list has really been very difficult if you consider that Thessaloniki has almost 40 museums … Here I propose the five busiest for those of you who like to visit museums and will not have a lot of time to spent in Thessaloniki. But if you really love museums and you have time please do not only stop at these proposals. Visit the section of the site that is presenting all the museums of Thessaloniki and you will be impressed with what this city has to present. Museums, related with history, culture, art, technology etc.. all related with what made Thessaloniki to be what it is today.

Nightlife Top 10

It is just not possible for someone to create only one top 10 nightlife proposal list for the city of Thessaloniki. The sites where someone can spend a beautiful night at and be entertained in Thessaloniki are countless. The fun starts early in the afternoon and ends in the early morning hours of the next day. Thus, I would suggest along side with this top 10 nightlife list to read also the article that I prepared for the nightlife of Thessaloniki. These two go together. When you finally visit Thessaloniki you will understand why the city has been included in the top 10 cities in the world for its the best nightlife both from the site Lonely Planet but also from National Geographic.

I hope you really find my suggestions interesting and helpful before visiting Thessaloniki but also while you are here. I would love to know that you have bookmarked this website or even better startfollowing it in facebook. And do post photos from your holidays in its facebook page. It will be brilliant to see that you are having a good time following the information provided here etc. If you need additional info, just leave me a comment below and I would be happy to reply to you as soon as possible.