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Half Night Marathon

Thessaloniki Half Night Marathon Thessaloniki's Half Night Marathon is taking place annually every October since 2012. It is a night marathon that was created due to the increasing demand in this sport which was obvious from the big interest that was shown in participating in the Great Alexander Marathon. The half marathon covers [...]

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International Sailing Regatta

International Sailing Regatta Greece is surrounded by the Mediterranean sea and the love the Greeks have for the sea is unquestionable. The city of Thessaloniki is in front of Thermaikos Bay and due to this the sea is an integral part of the people's life. In such a city a nautical club could [...]

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Great Alexander Marathon

International Great Alexander Marathon View The Great Alexander Marathon, takes place every April since 2006 in Thessaloniki. It is the first marathon event that was organized in the city. Based on the history, the name 'marathon' takes its name from an event that took place in 490B.C. when the soldier Phedippides (who was [...]

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Cycling Tours

Thessbike Tour During the recent years, Thessaloniki is trying to develop a more healthy and green way of living. In doing so, it has created several cycling roads mainly in the center of the city and the area by the sea. In addition to this, in many locations close to the cycling roads [...]

Eat and Walk

Eat and Walk Tour Greek food is very popular for its taste and quality and Thessaloniki is a city that has many things to offer to a visitor who loves food. Eat and Walk Tour, has to offer a very interesting experience for the food lovers. It combines taste and pleasure, meeting knew [...]

After Sunset Walk

After Sunset Walk Thessaloniki, is a city with a fantastic sunset and a very busy nightlife. The view from places close to the sea and from the castle is fantastic. The colors of the sunset change minute by minute and are unforgettable to any traveler who will see them. After the sunset it [...]

History Walks

Historic Walking Tour There are various history guided walks for Thessaloniki. Walks that present Thessaloniki's history through its monuments, old squares, Roman and Ottoman age historic monuments and buildings. The history walks are a 'must do' for visitors who love history and would like to get a feeling of the cultural influences that [...]

New Promenade | Nea Paralia

Nea Paralia Thessaloniki The New Promenade | Nea paralia, is located between the White Tower and Thessaloniki's concert Hall. It is an area that was recently recasted (its latest part was delivered to the public in December 2013) and is divided in many different themed parks. Benches, trees, bicycle lanes, pedestrian roads, tennis, [...]

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